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Re: CDD booth @ LinuxTag

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005, Otavio Salvador wrote:

   andreas> Correction for myself: It seems that I will not be able
   andreas> to attend myself.  At least chances are low that I can
   andreas> realize my plan to come to LinuxTag. :-(
   What are you thinking to talk there? maybe we can do it all
   together and then do the talk ourself.
I planned to give two talks:


The CDD talk would be the technical talk which was basically planned
as dress rehearsal for the DebConf 5 talk.


The "Freebeer-talk" is kind of "how to tell your (grand)mother what
you are doing.  IMHO this is one of the most neglected things and
we should work also on these things.  I had some success with this
kind of talk in my institute and wanted to work on it.  It will
also be covered on DebConf because I think I'll draw my BOF

   "Appealing presentations with LaTeX beamer"

into this direction.  It just has some potential to serve as example
because it also contains some graphical stuff - usage of animation
(I do not think that animations really belong into talks, but I have
a useful example) etc.

And 'm even currently working on a written version of this talk because
it is hard to understand only the slides without the spoken words.

Any hints / enhancements to


are welcome - but please note that it is a moving target currently.

   But I really want to meet you Andreas :(
We will meet in HEL for sure!  Do you also come to Karlsruhe?  It would
be sad if I would miss you there, but be assured that I'll be in Helsinki
because this event has highest priority for me in this year!

Kind regards



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