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Re: Tasks

yn Sun, 27 Feb 2005, Christoffer Sawicki wrote:

I have a question regarding tasksel and aptititude and how they deal with
tasks. I have managed to create a couple of new task definitions, put them
in /usr/share/tasksel/foo.desc and they show up fine in tasksel. However,
trying to install a task spawns aptitude which apparently has no clue about
anything but the default debian-tasks. Looking at aptitude sources it seems
to have opening debian-tasks.desc hardcoded.
I know that Debian-Edu packages had de some trickling around with tasksel
and I tried to take this over into cdd-dev package in CVS which is not
yet enouth tested because I stopped working on cdd-dev since STO
announced a major rewrite.  You might either have a look into the Debian-Edu
stuff or CDD stuff in SVN.  The idea is to use a task-lister and point tasksel
to this.

Kind regards



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