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Re: ITP: ibuild -- Custom GNU/Linux LiveCD Distribution creator

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, Alex de Landgraaf wrote:

Yes, waiting for a full inclusion into Debian.  I did not know of an
"apt-get - able" LiveCD-Builder before.  Did I missed something?

The ibuild and morphix team have been working
together/side-by-side for over a year now, have had ibuild and other
autobuilding packages on http://www.morphix.org/debian for quite a few
This is my point: I just want it at debian.org.

months. Any maintainers out there who want a few dozen more packages :)
I do not want more, I want *one* official under bug tracking control which
works with official packages, that's all.

ibuild is very cool, however there are some issues: you need a morphix
base to start with, and each subset of packages requires a python-patch.
We have a few tools that close the gap, so it's likely that these will
be used in ibuild in the future.
I have no time to verify this in the next couple of weeks.  All things are
welcome which enable me to build live CDs with a single command while keeping
only offical Debian mirrors in my sources.list.

Kind regards



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