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Re: CDD Tool Proposal

On Wed, 29 Dec 2004, Niall Young wrote:

The CDD Meta-data Package

The basic idea is that each CDD could be distributed in source form
using a single deb package. This package will contain all the meta-data
needed to install the CDD (or generate a system to install it) using the
tools described here.

FAI doesn't yet package up a class description, but this is minor.
Probably this depends from your point of view on CDDs. ;-)

All I'm trying to say is FAI enables much of what you guys want.
... regarding to the installation process - right.

What I'm saying is that FAI, CDD and debian-installer are all trying
to solve the same basic problem.  Why not work together?
We should definitely.

duplicate effort, not just in the implementation but in the concepts and
process flow?  FAI has done a lot of groundwork, it would be a good idea
to see what they've learnt and take advantage of this knowledge instead
of repeating the same mistakes.  At the very least, I'd work with FAI to
combine the FAI class and CDD meta-data concepts so that both projects
benefit from such an easy win.
Sure.  If we concentrate on installation only then we could definitely
benefit from FAI.  My point was that a CDD is more then just installing
a box.

The logical place for all of this is with the debian-installer - allow
Debian GNU/Linux to have non-interactive installation of any CDD out of
the box.  A CDD description could reside on a floppy or USB keyring, and
you could install it with any Official CD.  Everyone wins!  They could
even replace the old task packages, and some of the most popular CDDs
could be on the Official CD.
If you ask me combining FAI with debian-installer would be such a great
deal that Debian would win as a whole and CDD would profit as an internal
effort inside Debian from this combination.  If this is done CDD could
easily adopt the things which are needed.

Just don't go down your own path, alone.  Work together.  Combine

resources and build a common standard, then aim for a stable sid release.
Do you mean the release after Sarge?

Kind regards



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