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Re: Canonical Conference and CDD

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Sergio Talens-Oliag wrote:

 About the Workshop, there are summaries of the three sessions available on
 the Ubuntu wiki:
Thanks for watching this ...

 Now, talking from the CDD point of view, I have to say that they are using a
 different paradigm to customize their distribution; if they want to customize
 something they patch and rebuild the source package.

 This is so because they are working at the package source level; Ubuntu is a
 Derived Distribution and one of it's goals is to have bleeding edge programs
 (like the latest GNOME desktop) that are not in Debian, so they need to
 update, patch and recompile a lot of packages anyway.
It is possible to explain in short why they do so?  I Debian grown to an
inflexible behemoth with irresponsible maintainers?  Should also Debian
learn some lessons from Ubuntu to cope with new requirements.  I hope our
fellow maintainers working on Ubuntu will not hide if Debian has problems
in itself.

 I'll try to start working on my cdd-tool proposal ASAP and once we have
 something that works we will see if we can get distributions like Ubuntu
 involved; the good thing is that if the tools work for Debian they will
 also work for Ubuntu.

Kind regards



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