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Re: CDD Tool Proposal

On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Sergio Talens-Oliag wrote:

 Initially I plan to start the development in one or two weeks, probably
 using Python (I plan to share code with tools already on development, like
 debpartial-mirror) and Shell scripts, but the idea is that the tool will
 have a modular design and will accept modules written in other languages.
While I personally prefere Python over Perl you should keep in mind that
we definitely should not add extra Dependencies to the resulting DEB packages.
This was the reason to use Shell scripts only for cdd-common package.  I do
not really mind about extra Build-Depends for building the cdd-tools package
but adding an extra dependency for the results would probable make some
people (not me because Python is installed at all my machines) unhappy.

Comments to the Wiki:

Control File Fields

     Very good idea which more or less should handle personal preferences.

     Please make sure that it is possible to provide menu overrides for
     single packages in each single meta package as it is done in Debian-Med
     (version 0.8.9)

   Base-Config and Base-Config-Menu
     I do not really know this stuff but I guess this is needed for installation,

The CDD Tool

   As mentioned above if you plan to use cdd-tool for both, building the
   meta packages *and* management of CDDs on the CDD-System an extra
   dependency from Python would not really be in the interest of people
   who want to build a "minimalistic" CDD.  Please check whether the
   extra comfort of Python is worth making some people angry.

In general I *really* like your plan and would be proud to be your first
alpha tester.

Kind regards



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