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Re: simple-cdd & apt-proxy (Was Re: Tool utili per creare una Debian-IT in stile CDD)

On Sat, 4 Dec 2004, Marco Amadori wrote:

> About the script found above, I found a strange thing about working with
> apt-proxy v1.9.24.
> The first time that, after pointing my mirror to http://localhost:9999/debian/
> in CONF.sh, I run the script and all went fine, but repeating the script, the
> "download part" of the script hangs on first download.
	I was getting the same behaviour with the 1.9.x series of
apt-proxy. I decided that the problem was bug #272217, but disabling
pipelining did not help me.

	Eventually I gave up and installed version 1.3.5, which I got from
	This worked well for me, but it does not solve the bug in 1.9.24.

- Paul

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