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Re: Feedback about the cdd-dev package and more...

>   The idea is that we have an *installable* package that contains all the
>   files needed to build the CDD metapackages, a CDD debian-installer or even
>   install the CDD without building extra packages (using tasksel, debtags or a
>   cdd-install tool).
>   The idea is that we can provide a cdd-tools package (or a set of packages)
>   that can be used by the final user to install or build the CDD using the
>   files provided by a standard debian package.
>   This allows a user to do minor changes and have a really *custom*
>   installation (for example with different artwork, think about an University
>   or School building their own debian-edu with their branding).
>   The difference from the debian source format is that the package is
>   instalable from the list of binary-all packages and the user does not need
>   to know how to build debian packages for simple things (i.e. I'ld try to
>   develop something to be able to build a CDD LiveCD doing something like:
>     $ cdd-build-livecd debian-med

this is maybe sort of what my *crude* "simple-cdd" scripts are like.

esentially, you can edit a package list and a debconf pre-seeding file,
and simple-cdd generates a debian-installer CD that will automatically
install those packages with the preseeded debconf values.

it would also not be difficult to write an additional script to do
further post-configuration not able to be accomplished with debconf

it supports a very simple profile mechanism, by editing a package list
and debconf pre-seeding files for the profile, and giving a list of
available profiles during the initial boot's base-config.

it is very simple and crude, and doesn't generate packages for the
profiles, and wouldn't be viable for long-term upgrades and maintenance
(any more than a standard non-customized debian system, anyways).

svn co svn://svn.debian.org/svn/debian-np/people/vagrant/simple-cdd

maybe there are some ideas worth grabbing there.

in reading through the docs for creating cdd-dev metapackages and
debian-edu CDs, i've found it too complicated to meet my needs or other
groups i work with (freegeek), or the "personas" (target users) that we
had developed for debian-np (also in the debian-np svn repository,

to meet the needs of users like that, i feel we need something simpler
than pseudo-control tag files and all the other stuff i've been unable
to comprehend :)

or we need really good step-by-step, up-to-date documentation. but maybe
that is not the target audience that the cdd tools are trying to reach-
maybe a more technical and flexible approach is warranted for most
cases, and a requisite for a CDD would be having someone tech-savvy
enough to implement it.

ideally, a very simple, more limited approach could be supported in
addition to the more flexible and complicated techniques.  i say this as
someone from a semi-technical, non-programmer background.

if the tools are simple enough, fools like me will make all sorts of
ugly messes with them :)

live well,

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