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debpartial-mirror rewrite


We are starting to rewrite debpartial-mirror and I'll add some
features to it.

We did a draft of configuration[1] file that show all, already thinked,
options and want to know if someone can provide more idea for features
and like.

1. http://svn.debian.org/viewcvs/partial-mirror/branches/rewrite/etc/debpartial-mirror.conf?view=markup

New version will support:

    - Support to get suggested packages;
    - Support to get recommended package;
    - Support to get virtual packages;
    - Supprot to get by subsection;
    - Support to get by priority;
    - Support to get by name
    - Supprot to get files and directories (with regexp support);
    - Support to use debian-cd tasks to include packages;
    - Support to use debian-cd tasks to exclude packages;
    + Support inter repositories to resolve dependencies;
      (This allow to you ask for get all dependencies of packages in
       your local repository)
    + Support virtualization of repositories;
      (This is crazy. You will be able to merge repositoies and but
       another as result. For example, you can change a repository
       having all sarge package + sid d-i + your local packages)

 - (already support in current version)
 + (new in the rewrite)

That's all folks ;)

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