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Re: Bug#186085: acknowledged by developer (Bug#186085: fixed in tasksel 2.01)

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 10:18, Michael Banck wrote:
> Probably. But middle term, it would be nice to have a non-intrusive (for
> the rest) but easily advertisable way of installing a CCD from the
> official image, if this is feasable.

Integrated with apt-get & other admin tools would be nice.

> Something like typing 'debian-junior' at the boot prompt, at the
> expense of having no boot prompt flexibility for CCDs.

I'd rather see something like:

apt-get install 'junior-*'

The trouble with this is what would you do if some of these conflicted? 
Let's suppose I have 'junior-full' and 'junior-light', and each one
makes conflicting package selections.  What then?

Also, using apt-get isn't very user-friendly.  Ideally, the admin should
have to deal with one package administration tool only.  What would this
look like in, say, synaptic?

And finally, how do we design this so if there is a problem, we can
still do a partial install, instead of tossing out the whole thing?  The
reason I haven't created an all-inclusive meta-package like 'junior'
that depends on all of the others is so that if one part is either not
wanted or can't be installed (e.g. through the removal of a dependent
package from the stable distribution without an adjustment to the meta
package that used to depend on it) it doesn't render the whole
meta-package not installable.  That was one of the advantages of
tasksel: it allowed parts to be missing; all available parts would be
installed, and the missing parts would be skipped.

synrg at debian dot org

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