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Re: Bug#186085: acknowledged by developer (Bug#186085: fixed in tasksel 2.01)

Andreas Tille wrote:
> the latest bug which was mentioned explicitely in our docs was now
> closed.  This might be good news - but it is closed in a way we do not
> really like.  The bug was filed to *add* Custom Distributions which
> are not in tasksel but it was solved in *removing* the CDD (debian-jr)
> from tasksel.  So now all CDDs are handled the same, but this does
> not really help.
> IMHO this increases the need for finding a method which brings up
> a CDD - selection method in the very beginning of the installation
> process.
> What do you think about this?

It seems to me that many CDDs are having success with making their own
custom CD images that installs only that CDD in an optimised way, and so
I don't see the point it trying to put it in tasksel.

see shy jo

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