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Re: Pleas do not blur this list (Was: [Cdd-commits] cdd/doc/common/flyer)deutsch.tex,1.9,1.10

On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 13:58, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Didn't we said that the list cdd-commits@lists.alioth.debian.org
> is enough?  I wouldn't blure debian-custom with automatic messages
> and this is also the advise of listmaster to keep automatically
> generated messages out of lists.d.o.

I am guessing your mail filter is broken, maybe sorting cdd-commits into
your debian-custom folder.  But the commits messages are indeed going to
the right place (i.e. only to cdd-commits).  However, the Reply-To is
set to debian-custom.  After all, where else would discussion about
commits go?  We have set the filter on cdd-commits so that it prohibits
posts from anywhere other than the alioth server itself.  Thus, it is
impossible for us to post to it using our usual email identities. 
Therefore followups go to debian-custom both for a good technical reason
and because logically, debian-custom is where all discussion belongs:
cdd-commits is not a discussion list.

synrg at debian dot org

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