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Re: [Cdd-commits] cdd/common/cdd/debian changelog,1.7,1.8

Wearing my nit-picky "editor's hat" today, I spotted this:

On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 09:30, Andreas Tille wrote:
> --- changelog	12 Jun 2004 19:13:09 -0000	1.7
> +++ changelog	18 Jun 2004 12:30:51 -0000	1.8
> @@ -6,6 +6,8 @@
>    * Use #CDDNAME# variable in debconf templates of cdd-dev.  This variable
>      can be set either in common/conf or it is builded by "Debian-Cdd".
>    * cdd-install-helper handles CDD-common.{config,template}
> +  * Usage of get-group-users depreciated, use cdd-tools instead.
The word is "deprecated".  But don't feel bad, as you're not alone in
making this mistake.  I see it everywhere!  To help keep it straight:
new cars depreciate in value the moment you drive them off the lot;
features that should not be used because they are to be removed at a
later date are deprecated.

synrg at debian dot org

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