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Re: CDD eGovernment - Linux-eGov

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Florian Fischer wrote:

> I need to do a webpage
> that is compilant to debian cdd webpages. But how?
> Did you have any Ideas how to do that?
Sorry the docs were missing a link to the Debian Web team.  Now you can find it at


("learn more about building Debian web pages").

Very interesting to read in terms of CDD is


Tobias Toedter did a really great job to make a uniform system for the
"Package TODO lists" which most CDDs are maintaining on their web pages.
I'd suggest to check out the Debian-Med wml pages from CVS to see how
this works.

But as it is mentioned in the CDD-Starting guide a Wiki might suffice for
the moment to start with a Wiki - perhaps you might steal the layout from
the existing CDD pages.

Kind regards


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