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Re: CDD eGovernment - Linux-eGov

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, Florian Fischer wrote:

> Here is my Draft about my Idea (only german):
> http://www2.hs-harz.de/~u15935/linux-egov/
(At first I was a little bit confused when just clicking on the menu
 items (not the Folder symbols) and got empty pages.  Please try to
 link the first item (or whatever) to the menu entry and open the
 folder when a user clicks on the folder name.)

> any comments or ideas to support me?
I would translate the main ideas to English at first and set up a web page
in the style of


Try to follow


(and report problems with this procedure).

> I'm at Linuxtag 2004.
Nice to see you again, Florian


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