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Keeping track of the health of all packages in a CDD

Some time ago I asked debian-qa for some help with keeping track of
the "bug health" of debian-jr packages.  Please see:


Martin Michlmayr wrote to say Colin Watson already did something like what I
wanted here:


And Colin then said it's doable, and asked for details for Debian Jr., which
I confirmed in a private email followup.  See his answer here:


I guess he has been tied up, or overlooked this, or there has been
some miscommunication on my part, as it hasn't had any further action
on it since then.

My question to debian-custom is, do you think my proposal and Colin's
proposed solution is the way to go, or do you think there's a better way (or
do you already use a better way) of keeping tabs on all of the bugs in all
packages a CDD depends on?

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