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Re: Attended network installation

I should add, the console will be un-attended which is why I need to modify
the ramdisk image so that dbootstrap can be run after ssh in.


"Sam Liddicott" <sam@liddicott.com> wrote in message
[🔎] c68hfi$66r$1@sea.gmane.org">news:[🔎] c68hfi$66r$1@sea.gmane.org...
> I'm modifying the bf24 ramdisk so it brings up dhcp networking and sshd
> right away.
> It seems like some invocation of /etc/dhclient-script should bring up the
> network, but not sure what or what preparation is done first.
> I can't find any clues in /usr/lib/debootstrap for what is done to bring
> network up.
> I'll be able to manage adjusting inittab to chain these actions together
> with sshd
> Anyone know?
> Sam

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