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Re: Knoppix to Debian - A Roadmap what needs to be done

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Sergio Talens-Oliag wrote:

>   If I am right my answer to your question is in no one; I don't think
>   is a good idea to include packages in the Distribution that are only
>   useful when installed on the LiveCD chroot.
While I'm not (yet) convinced, that this kind of packages are really
necessary I think if we really need these packages we could work with
sane Depends / Conflicts combinations to prevent them from beeing installed
on a normal system.

>   Can you give us a list of this packages and a brief description of
>   each? I would like to know what they are used for and see if is easy
>   to distribute those packages in a way that permits us to install them
>   in a standard system (i.e., installing all binaries and config files
>   under /usr/lib/knoppix an /etc/knoppix) and use them as spected on the
>   LiveCD ...
Surely examples would be helpful ...

>   Well, maybe the problem is that I've only read one of this remastering
>   HOWTOS, but I belived that a lot of people customizes knoppix copying
>   and moving configuration and data files manually.
I guess this is the case once you need database servers etc.

> > >   Well, I don't use KDE, but all the needed tricks should be applied by
> > >   scripts to be reproducible ... is this automatic or the tricks are
> > >   applied manually?
> >
> > Automatic with deb-packages of course.
>   Probably this is one of the uses of the knoppix only packages.
Hmmm, why?
I'm not really convinced that preconfiguration of Debian KDE / Gnome is
very well done.  Once upon a time the debian-desktop people wanted to address
this issue.  Currently they are bussy to care for up to date packages (at
least this is my impression) but we should not loose the focus to general
usability.  If you think the KDE configuration should be enhanced the
best way would be IMHO to file bug reports until it fits your needs and
only some special configuration files have to be changed for your special
Knoppix needs.

> > There is one small patch needed for commandline longer then 255 chars also
> > applied to syslinux I think.
>   Can't this be applied on the syslinux debian package?
If I would understand this problem completely I would file a bug report ...

Kind regards


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