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Re: Knoppix to Debian - A Roadmap what needs to be done

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Fabian Franz wrote:

> >   Well, I don't think a new section is needed, probably a task or a
> >   metapackage can solve this, but that's not important right now.
> Well no, in what section would you put a package, which is not useful unless
> its used on a live-CD?
misc ?
You must know that it is kind of hard to convince ftpmaster to create a
new section (which is not really bad to be conservative here).  The fact that
it might be useful only in the chroot environment should be expressed in
sane Depends / Conflicts expressions and the package description.

> > > 2. I think the most important step is to have a official CVS / arch for
> > > knoppix, which will hopefully soon be reality. (LinuxTag team is working
> > > on that)
> >
> >   You mean an upstream CVS, don't you?
> Yes, but upstream at the moment is the most important souce for knoppix and
> its really difficult to sync without. We can prepare the packages upstream
> and then get it step by step into debian.
I just repeat my offer:


has CVS and was created for that purpose.  A mailing list for this purpose
can easily be created if necessary.  Feel free to use it if you like.

> >   Anyway, I think that we should try to reuse as much as possible from
> >   the current debian pool of packages, because this would benefit debian
> >   as a whole.
> Yes, for sure. Or brings the knoppix-utils to debian.
Sure - if something is missing in Debian ...

> What I need is motivation, which mostly comes from feedback and publicity ;-).
I'm busy to make this idea public since LinuxTag Chemnitz (Feb 2003).  At least
some people liked this idea.  The Alioth project debian-knoppix is open for
everybody.  The section of my CDD-paper should be a good place for documentation.
If it gets too technical we should provide an appendix.  Feel free to send
me patches.

I'm sure that many people would profit from the realisation of this plan really.
We should try to get them into the boat because I realized than more and more
Knoppix derivatives grow up and flood the net whith GibaBytes.  I guess one
Knoppix derivative per week is a good estimation.  If you see somebody who
does this just write a friendly e-mail to join our effort ...

Kind regards


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