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Re: Live CDs for CDDs

[Sergio Talens-Oliag]
>   The process would be something like:
>   1. Install the base sytem on a chroot as we would do on a real system,
>   avoiding unnecesary questions (i.e. we can skip the partiton and
>   formating questions and preseed the debconf database as we would do on
>   a CDD).
>   2. Install the rest of the preselected packages and its dependencies.
>   3. If we are talking about a CDD, apply the postconfiguration scripts,
>   if any.

I got a script doing most of this for debian-edu.  It is available
It is a bit old, but the basic ideas are already there.

 - run debootstrap to generate the chroot
 - make sure daemons are not started in the chroot
 - install the base-config overrides and extra packages
 - run base-config in non-interactive mode to install the rest
 - undo daemon workaround

>   4. Replace or add special configuration files and programs. I think we
>   should try to keep the original /etc and use a different one when
>   booting as LiveCD, just to be able to install the Live system without
>   editing the /etc files (well, not too much ;).

Anyone know what is needed here?

>   5. Build a compressed filesystem from the chroot.
>   6. Build an ISO image using the compressed filesytem and a Debian
>   Kernel with support for all the needs of the LiveCD (mainly compressed
>   filesystems).

These should be fairly straight forward.

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