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Re: Live CDs for CDDs

>>>>> On Tue, 13 Apr 2004 08:56:36 -0300, Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca> said:

    Ben> I'd like to know people's current thoughts about live CDs of
    Ben> CDDs.  I know debian-nonprofit has a morphix-based live CD.
    Ben> Debian Jr. has a knoppix-based live CD (although this is not
    Ben> produced by debian-jr itself, but rather by osef.org: the
    Ben> knoppix4kids CD).  Skolelinux has a live CD too, although I
    Ben> don't recall what it is based on.  Are there any others?

Yes, I'm currently   working on a  knoppix-based  live CD for  DeMuDi.
There is a (really) beta version here:


I will soon  release an alpha version and  a final one,  which will be
distribuited at the Linux Audio Meeting 2004 [0].

This is a preliminary work and I hope to provide  better things in the

    Ben> What are our plans for live CDs?  I take it we want to move
    Ben> towards something within Debian itself.  There is an Alioth
    Ben> project for Knoppix in Debian, but there is no sign of
    Ben> progress there.  Does anyone want to kick off that effort?

I  think that   the bottom-up   approach  emerged  a  while ago  in  a
discussion on live  CDs (I did not  follow such threads,  but they are
summarised in Andreas' document on CDDs) is the most suited.

I guess that the Alioth project on  Knoppix [1] is trying to implement
this approach isn't it?

I don't know whether Klaus is involved in this project or not, but I think his help would be very useful.

By chance the  Linux Audio Meeting is held  in Karlsruhe,  where Klaus
lives. Maybe  I  could write  him and  propose  a working   session to
understand  what should be included in  these  knoppix-* packages, how
should they work  and what are the possible  delicate issues we should
care about.

Awfully definitively I lack of  Knoppix insights and understanding, so
all I have  in mind is that we  need a[some] knoppix package[s] which,
given a custom pool of packages, automatically builds the CD iso.


Free Ekanayaka

[0] http://www.zkm.de/lad/
[1] http://alioth.debian.org/projects/debian-knoppix/

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