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Unix group to handle CDD roles?

After some questione to Ben and Andreas, It was asked to raise the
discusion in list.

Which is the best way to handle CDD roles / ownerships to CDD?

debian-med currently (AFAIK) uses Unix groups, but they seem to be not
'the best choice'.
Andreas will add more info in a near future about the reason.

Requisites for DB, IMHO, are:

1 have to work in a cluster installation (more then one network node
  have to reach the same info without reconfiguring each node manually)
2 easy to administrate and install
3 easy to map user to group[s] and possibly viceversa

Do you see any other compatible alternatives? (or any point to be added)

Cosimo Alfarano, kalfa at {bononia.it,debian.org,cs.unibo.it}
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