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what Debian IRC is about

If you ever wondered what Debian IRC is about, this particular flamewar
covers all the important bits on a single page (depending on terminal size
and wrapping).  Including the use of nuclear weaponry at the end.

16:08 < tarzeau> looking at https://lintian.debian.org/tags/source-is-missing.html
16:08 < tarzeau> it's fine to ship some minimized javascript files, listing
                 the upstream homepage+authors in debian/copyright for them?
16:09 < tarzeau> this http://phd-sid.ethz.ch/debian/shotcut/ stuff wouldn't
                 work removing the few it has
16:09 < bremner> I don't think it's "fine", no.
16:09 < tarzeau> adding it to debian/missing-sources ?
16:11 < ansgar> tarzeau: Just do the same you would do for ELF binaries. :)
16:12 < tarzeau> add the source into the orig.tar.gz and build from that
                 version?  when there is already an ascii minified file?
16:12 < bremner> minified is not source
16:12 < tarzeau> i've heard of compiling c source, font source, but ascii
                 text to ascii text?
16:13 < tarzeau> it's like obfuscated c code
16:13 < bremner> well, I'm just reporting project concensus
16:13 < tarzeau> it's more than 5 js files
16:13 < bremner> if you want to "die on that hill", knock yourself out
16:14 < bremner> I wonder why I can't spell "concensus"
16:14 < Clint> because you're sanadian
16:14 < bremner> could be.
16:16 < kilobyte> kind of configure.ac -> configure -- two megs of opaque
                  shell code is technically text, but less human readable
                  than some assembly
16:16 < bremner> I think java bytecode is probably more readable than
                 minified JS.
16:17 * tarzeau still loves the booz allen study of 20+ years ago: It isn't
                faster to code on NeXTstep; you just have to write less of
                it.  The revolution is "getting rid of software".
16:17 < tarzeau> 83 % less lines of code in with objective-c
16:17 < ansgar> tarzeau: That's why people write Python instead of C++ or
                C++ instead of C.
16:18 < ansgar> Or .service files instead of shell scripts. :>
16:18 < tarzeau> ansgar: that's why there's Cocoa.h and XCode, or GNUstep
                 with Gorm (InterfaceBuilder), no need to write code for a
                 graphical thing, just draw it
16:18 < tarzeau> TGIF i'll not talk about .service files in microsoft .ini
                 format, undebuggable shit
16:19 < ansgar> Well, less bad than sh :>
16:19 < tarzeau> C++ is a huge disaster. it has nothing to do with C among
                 the first letter. it's like Java and JavaScript
16:20 < ansgar> C++ is much, much better than C.
16:20 < bremner> thank goodness we're back to talking about important stuff
16:20 < bremner> TIL: repetitive eyeroll injury
16:21 < ansgar> bremner: Just wait for the "please decide on the default
                text editor" ctte bug. :>
16:21 < bremner> that will be easy.
16:21 < bremner> ed is the standard editor.
16:21 < kilobyte> well, just today you said emacs loads so slowly for you
                  that you need complex setup to keep it running :p
16:22 < ansgar> kilobyte: Yes, systemd socket activation is needed. 
                Someone[tm] should package eamcs26 for Debian.
16:22 < tarzeau> kilobyte: probably still better than *THIS* build system:
16:23 < tarzeau> i like cat and tac too, combined with rev
16:23 < kilobyte> bremner: and its source is so simple!  while read x;do
                  echo '?';done
16:23 * kilobyte actually used a sane human-friendly version of ed for
                 years.  Our "ed" package, on the other hand...
16:24 < tarzeau> i should test my new package "lix" but i lack network
                 players: http://phd-sid.ethz.ch/debian/lix/

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