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Re: dpkg-buildpackage -ucb

On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 02:11:36PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I often find myself running dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b.
> Should dpkg-buildpackage have a -ucb option which does the same ?
> This would:
>  - Be a nod to UC Berkeley
>  - Be slightly more mnemonic (given that there's -B and -us
>     etc. etc. too)
>  - Be vaguely amusing

Can it have some more switch? It doesn't get anywhere close to
"netstat -peanut", or my favourite "netstat -polenta".

I do understand that size does not necessarily matter, though, as I've
recently developed an infatuation for "sed -nre".


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