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Re: Package naming rant

On Thu, 21 Apr 2016 16:53:50 +0000, Aigars Mahinovs <aigarius@gmail.com> said:

> I don't want to use OpenStack. I want to find a fuel logging
> application to keep track of the expenses in my car. I search packages
> for "fuel" and find Fuel. So I install it. ...

First of all, I don't see a package that's simply named "fuel", but...

So you install packages without at least reading their short
descriptions?  If you want to get information about the 24th element of
the periodic table, would you install the chromium package?  If you want
to brew a hot beverage, would you install the tea package?  If you want
to work with stretchy materials, would you install the rubber package?
If you want advice on dealing with foolish people, would you install the
git package?  If you want to read the minds of mythical creatures, would
you install the telepathy-phoenix package?  If you want to manage your
collection of precious stones, would you install the ruby package?  If
you want to commit arson easily, would you install the simpleburn
package?  If you want to study light particles, would you install the
photon package?  If you want to put on a show with marionettes, would
you install the puppet package?  If you want to prepare food for your
restaurant, would you install the chef package?  If you want to count
your chickens before they hatch, would you install the egg package?

If you install a package without at least making a minimal effort at
finding out what it's about (i.e. reading the short description, if not
the long description), then I'd say it's your own fault if you don't get
what you expected.

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