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Re: Bug#798714: debian-policy: Please explicitly recommend punctuation between the year, month and day components of date based version numbers

> Arnt is obviously confusing Norwegian with Polish, where you write
> “3.10.2015” or “3 X 2015”.

Same in Germany; before 2000 most commonly used was something like 3.10.90,
since 2000 something like 3.10.2015 is more prefered, 
which strictly speaking mixes long and short writing 
where long is 3. Oktober 2015 and short is 3.10.15, 
but the latter is associated with 3.10.1915 und thus no longer common.

Some people also like leading zeros like 03.10.2015
or to separate the year like 03.10. 2015

In all cases the . creates an ordinal.

Of course DIN has it's own variant, which is 2015-10-03
but  03.10.2015 is still allowed while  03.10.15 is deprecated.

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