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Re: REISSUED CfV: General Resolution: Init system coupling

On Tue, Nov 11 2014, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> Neil McGovern dijo [Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 06:31:35PM +0000]:
>> > I have a half-written series to make it cope with lettered, rather
>> > than numbered, options.  Would it be worth my while finishing that off
>> > (in my CFT) ?
>> > 
>> I think that would probably be helpful, yes! Not only in the case where
>> we get more than 9 options on the ballot, but I also think it would help
>> clarify some of the voting options when you're ranking options.
> If we get a GR with more than 9 options, we need to change the
> *process*, not Devotee.

	I recall threatening to not run the vote in such a
 circumstance. I strongly recommend that course of action to the current

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