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[all candidates] What is your price? (was: [all candidates] how to choose Jessie init system)

Hello candidates,

as a non-DD I have no (official) rights to vote on the DPL position.

It is therefore very important for me to evaluate alternative ways of
influencing Debian to my liking and my (even though limited) life-experience
tells me that while I got a life for free, everything else can be brought
(and at times even must be bought if you want it your way).

So my simple question is: What is your price?

Lucas already answered this question partly, still a more in-depth
response would be appreciated, so this question goes indeed to all.

On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 9:32 PM, Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> wrote
in https://lists.debian.org/20130319203200.GB15089@xanadu.blop.info
> the first paragraph of my reply was […] mostly motived by:
> 18:47 <someone on #d-release> lucas: I'll buy you a beer if you post that.

Thanks to all of you for running for this important position,
answering all these questions and good luck in the upcoming vote!

Best regards

David Kalnischkies (, who - as a disclaimer - isn't the quoted someone)

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