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Re: Upcoming lenny point release

Le 27/08/2010 02:41, s. keeling a écrit :
Lupe Christoph<lupe@lupe-christoph.de>:
  On Wednesday, 2010-08-25 at 15:29:22 +0200, posion bit wrote:
Take this as "abstract bug" report for squeeze and upcoming... :


  Looks more like a speling apocalypse to me...

If he think the bazaar on fire, hope for him he uses now the little deamon's system!

However, a cathedral needs only to loose one stone for it's devel
fall down.

'think he forgot that squeeze anything he wants on a pinned sidstem
can be a not so nice process.

Debian is not as universal as Universe,
where Universe is also not a canonical system but just a first try,
eaven completed in a week but one day by a single [if we follow the
Manual, that name is not writable]

Idea: just modify bash to type "go fuck sucker" instead of
that following sample...

tom@black2:~$ ache 42
bash: ache : commande introuvable
tom@black2:~$ hash 42
bash: hash: 42 : non trouvé
tom@black2:~$ hash
hits	command
   3	/bin/cat
   1	/bin/uname
   3	/usr/bin/vi
tom@black2:~$ type hash
hash est une primitive du shell

Do you see the Array?

Could someone switch on the light? My keys board is not retro-illuminated...

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