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Re: TR: Re: Should we rename sid to lotso?

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 02:42:34AM +0200, Thomas Harding wrote:
> >> Should we rename sid to lotso ? :-)
> > Sid broke toys.  Unstable is where developers break their toys in Debian.
> > Lotso didn't break toys himself, he just put them in places where toddlers
> > destroyed toys.  Not quite the same thing.
> Maybe moving sid repository, while change it's name to lotso,
> on a "google instance site", will state it in foo-bear situation

sid is the repo, packages are the toys. packages get uploaded by devs,
and placed into the repo by ftp-master. packages get broken in the repo.
who placed them there? ftp-master


ftp-master is lotso!

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