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Re: Is Ubuntu commited to free software?

> Bananas - proprietary trial ware, suffers from rapid bit-rot,
> operate your stomach in chroot jail mode before consumption =))))))

Chrooted bananas, often refered to as _hybrid_ bananas, are by far not
the norm. While I don't fundamentally oppose the idea the quick banana
bitrot process could be lengthened and improved by chrooting the build
process, say, in an Apple environment, it is still out of reach for
most of its regular users.

Also, as a regular banana user (I use them on a daily basis), I must
correct your assertions: Bananas never enter the stomach before
consumption (unless, of course, by "consumption" you mean only the
final stages of it - but formally, banana consumption is accepted to
happen at the precise moment a Banana enters your system through

Gunnar Wolf • gwolf@gwolf.org • (+52-55)5623-0154 / 1451-2244

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