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Revisited: The Big Swirl Umbrella


Revisiting this age-old idea of an Umbrella with the swirl on the whole 
umbrella (and not just on one segment.)

I asked a manufacturer, he could make it, with tolerance in alignment 
between the segments in the area of 2-5mm (noticeable if you look for it, 
but I doubt it will jump in your eye if you just look at it, the Logo is not 
that fine.)

BUT ... it's not cheap.

I'd need to make 240 umbrellas at least.

Manufacturing costs alone would be CHF 18.41, and since I'd want to add some 
margin for the Debian project I'd propose a selling price of CHF30.  (And 
then there's shipping and customs/taxes :-(

(That would be a collpasible Umbrella.  A streight umbrella would still be 
CHF 15.72, not that much cheaper, and I'd prefer the collapsible one to take 
with me.  Design: White with the big swirl and "debian" in Kabel Bk on one 
of the segments.  What kind of Pink for the swirl?  IIRC Debian doesn't have 
a defined official color?)

Still .... I'm thinking about getting this started if I see a realistic 
chance that they'd sell.  (12 weeks delivery, so too  late for Christmas 
already :-( )  To minimize my logistics, I would only ship them in lots of 
at least 5 umbrellas.  (I'd probably make an exception for deliveries within 

Given those conditions: tentative poll (please cc: me!)
 * who would buy one?
 * who would buy >=5 and organize local distribution?

(if you want 5 all for yourself, go ahead, of course :-)

(CHF 30 == ca. EUR 20 == ca. USD 30)

-- vbi

(Oh, and: of course, it has to be said: I'm cutting my own throat with this.

Think about it ... you bought that camera for 350.-- last year even though 
you didn't really need it, did you?  And then there's that high-powered 
green laserpointer even though it doesn't run Linux, and that cost you 
100.-- as well.  So what's 30.-- for an Umbrella?  You'll use it, you know!  
It's not a meat pie with non-identified bits in it, either.)

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