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Fwd: Amusing (to me at least) story

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Subject: Amusing (to me at least) story
Date: Wednesday 11 June 2008 15:33
From: "John Heim" <jheim@math.wisc.edu>
To: linux-fai@uni-koeln.de

I usually use Windows for my desktop machine because I'm blind and the best
screen readers are Windows programs. Anyway, I left a FAI installation CD in
my PC overnight. Meanwhile, Bill Gates installed an "important security
update" on my PC and rebooted my computer. This in turn caused linux to be
reinstalled on my PC. Fortunately, I have FAI configured to make a mysql
connection to our inventory database to get info on the default operating
system. So it knew linux should be installed on the second physical
partition and left the Windows partition alone.

Still, essentially, Microsoft caused linux to be installed on my PC last


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