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Re: Automatic retrieval of information from qa.debian.org

Felipe Sateler wrote:
David Paleino wrote:

Seems like PHP hasn't got the Soap extension. I haven't checked with
phpinfo(), I've deduced it from:

<quote from there>
Join us! Help us in making Doctors use Debian!

In spanish, using doctor means both a person with a PhD and (mistakenly) an
MD. When talking in spanish, I normally tell people to use the word medico
to refer to physicians, and to use doctor only for PhDs.[1]
Is this the case elsewhere?

In dutch, a person with a PhD is called a "doctor", while a person with a medical degree is called a "dokter". It's not pronounced entirely the same, but it's close enough, and it makes it damn hard to explain to a normal person that you're not studying to cut up people for a living. :-) The term "arts" corresponds to "medico", but it's less commonly used than "dokter", just using it makes you sound more educated than you want to sound in the presence of said company...


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