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Re: Alice and Bobs full name

Sam Couter wisely stated:

> Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net> wrote:
>> my impression of the name choice was that they were alphabetic
>> choices corresponding to a, b, c, the first three letters of the
>> english language alphabet. (a=alice,b=bob,c=...).
> The attacker is often known as Mallory, and I have always assumed it
> was derived from M for malicious.
>> As for a name used in a test
>> system: I used to use names of people I knew
>> or
>> star trek characters
>> or
>> other random characters in a tv show.
> Max Power and Chesty LaRue.

Wasn't there also an Eve? As in evesdropping? ;-) I'm referring to Simon
Sing's book "Codes" where he describes how private/public key
encryption was invented. A highly recommendable book, by the way.

Hans Poppe
Oslo, Norway
You can more, or less my files as you wish, but please don't touch them. 

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