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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections 2007: Draft ballot

On Fri, Mar 09, 2007 at 05:08:05PM -0700, Wesley J. Landaker wrote:
> On Friday 09 March 2007 16:18, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> >         Given that this election has a record number of options,
> >  making us move to using Hex instead of decimal numbers for ranking,
>                            ^^^
> >  coupled with the fact that I'll be out of town all of next week, you
> >  are getting to see the draft ballot earlier this year than is the
> >  norm.

> Hmmm, decimal would have been quite a bit more straightforward and required 
> a lot less of an explanation. 

It would have meant handling multi-char vote values, necessitating changes
to all the reporting including the tally sheet and the vote
acknowledgements, each of which represent the individual ballot options as a
single character column.

> Along those lines, what are we going to do when/if we have more than 15 
> choices on a ballot? It's not an unthinkable situation. Would we not call 
> it hex, but continue the alphabet to use G-Z? Or would we enter choice 
> number 17 as 11?


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