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Re: [Amendement] override of resolutions 005, 006, 007, 008

I second the below proposal :-D

(And, to save the secretary some time, IANDD)

Bill Allombert wrote:
> Dear Debian voters,
> I humbly submit to your elevated mass the following amendment
> to the latest General Resolution proposed by Sven Luther.
> =============================================
> The Debian project resolves that:
> 1) Sven Luther is the best Debian developer ever. Ever.
> 2) The Debian project leader, the first in charge, the second in charge
>    and the third in charge are recalled from duty. The Debian developers
>    collectively wish them some stressless holydays in a paradisiac
>    island payed by Duck-tank.
> 3) Dunce-tank does not exist. (At best it is a figment of your imagination)
> 4) We will delay our next stable release code-named Etch until either
>   -- a DFSG-free sourceful tg3 firmware is included in the Linux kernel
>   packages and udebs.
>   -- a subsequent GR allow us to release Etch with a non-free tg3 firmware 
>   on the Linux kernel
>   -- hotbabe is included in main, priority standard.
> 5) To match our free software ideals with our internationalisation
>    efforts, The Debian Free Software Gidelines are amended by the
>    adjunction of the following section:
>    11. To allow non-English speakers to understand source code as provided
>    by Section 2. , all comments in source code must be translated in
>    the following languages: Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Bengali,
>    Catalan, Czech, Danish, German , Dzongkha, Greek, Esperanto, Spanish,
>    Finnish, French, Galician , Gujarati, Hebrew, Croatian, Magyar,
>    Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer , Korean, Kurdish, Lithuanian,
>    Norwegian Bokm�l, Nepali, Dutch, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish,
>    Brazilian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak , Swedish, Thai,
>    Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Wolof, Chinese (simplified),
>    Chinese (traditional).
> 6) The Debian Constitution is renamed the "Debian Initial Public Offering."
>     (need 48:1)
> ============================================
> (sorry I cannot sign, I am busy with my chainsaw).
> Cheers,

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