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Release management experiment proposal

Hola mundo!

I'd like the project's permission to make use of the money held by SPI
towards an experiment that I think will improve our chances of releasing
etch on time, as well as providing a number of other benefits to the

Obviously it's a bit out of the ordinary, though, and it's not without
drawbacks and risks. I'm not asking for support -- more like "enough
rope to hang myself" or so. I think this is an experiment that's
definitely worth trying, but I don't think it's something the project as
a whole should endorse as more than an experiment until we've see how it

Okay, so enough lead in. The proposal's fairly simple:

  I would like to request that SPI, on Debian's behalf, allocate
  sufficient funds so that Frans Pop and Sven Luther can dedicate a
  month each to fixing the installer/firmware issue.

I know Frans and Sven do not have a history of going along pretty well,
but this could be a good occasion to fix things in that area. For the
sake of the experiment, I would like to suggest paying Frans for a
month, then paying Sven for the following month.

This will have the combined effects of allowing to release etch on time,
getting rid of non-free firmwares in main and having support for those
firmwares in the installer nonetheless.

I feel this proposal fully complies with our Social Contract, according
to which our priorities are our users (who want etch released on time
and who might have a need for non-free firmwares) and free software
(which non-free firmwares are not part of, hence the need to get rid of

Please comment. Haha, just kidding. I will of course ignore all comments
and if too many people object I shall ask for the support of an indepen-
dent structure to help towards this goal without having to address
issues such as why only my opinion matters in the choice of who should
be paid. Don't even try to ask, you would only be embarrassed by your
own cluelessness.


              echo "creationism" | tr -d "holy godly goal"

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