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Re: List discussion aftermath

> on an IRC discussion I came out with this comment:
> enrico> discussions in Debian share problems with political
> enrico> discussions IRL:
>         people voice their impressions as if they were their opinions
> So, if that is a problem, how do we fix it?
> We can't fix it by saying "take all messages as if they were
> impressions and not opinions" because then people who actually voice
> their opinions would not be taken seriously.

This has been bugging me for a while now.  Since this is a fairly
informal list and it's aplicable to the topic at hand, I might as well
go ahead and mention it here.

Has anyone brought up the fact that that communities of high-octane
geeks tend to include statistically abnormal numbers of people with
Asperger's Syndrome and HFA?  I've seen several flame wars on debian
lists where it looked to me that one party didn't fully grasp that
the other was a bit autistic. Speaking as someone with asperger's, I
can tell you that I'm fairly confused by the above statements.  Not
only would it not occur to me to try and differentiate opinion from
impression, I don't see what place either have in a technical
discussion at all.  The need to rely on either outside the realm of
aesthetics shows a lack of intellectual rigor.  

Am I totally out of left field here?  Could part of the problem be that
25% of the dds have asperger's and another 25% have never heard of it?

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