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Re: cdrtools

Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> wrote:

> > Eduard Bloch has absolutely no clue and on the other side implicitely claims 
> > in his arrogant habbit that he knows more about cdrtools than I do. This makes 
> > it impussoble to cooperate with him. 
> You know that this is "Rufschädigung übelster Art"?

I am sorry but this is the truth..

> > Claiming that Sun did make the CDDL incompatible with the GPL is a deliberate 
> > lie. 
> You should look at the video I pointed you at. You just accused me of
> being a liar. If i would have your low level I would now do the same you

I did look at this video: it verifies what I say!

If you carefully look at the video, you see that Simon is angry with Danese
because she does not tell the truth but he does not like to correct her in the

> did with a co-maintainer of the Debian cdrtools package and threat with
> a lawsuit if you dont take it back. I dont. I just add you to my ignore

You are lying here again by quoting the lies of the well known troll Eduard 

You are just going to lose your credability if you spread this kind of lies.
As I mentioned already many times, I did not do what Eduard claims!

[a lot of nonsense deleted] 

> > Sorry, but I do not believe people that put things into a GPL FAQ that
> > are obviously wrong.
> Yeah, you dont believe those people who have written the GPL...

I do not believe the people who did write the FSF GPL FAQ, this is different.

> > I am willing to have a private discussion in case it would make sense and will 
> > not be a waste of time. This means that I will immediately stop the discussion 
> > in case that you e.g. again claim that Sun did make the CDDL incompatible to 
> > the GPL by intention or that you quote the GPL incorrectly in hope to "prove"
> > claims about the incompatibility of the CDDL and the GPL.
> As you obviously stay with your opinion and doesnt even consider stuff
> people sent to you, including video proof, that would be a waste of time.

As I said: I am willing to have an openminded discussion. In case you verify
that you are not willng to do the same, this discussiion ends.


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