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Re: if you spot a bug, why dont you fix it, if you can??

Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl>:
> > On Sunday 18 June 2006 14:06, Remo Giermann wrote:
> > > > The subject is worded in a way that s not just out of place, it
> > > > has no place.  IMO !
> > 
> > even on curiosa... :)
>  Still, it's the original topic what's wrong, not the subject.
>  In Poland, in the early 50s, a guy dared to call marshal Rokossovsky
>  [schnip]
>  [2]. Being a foreigner is not something bad, getting put by the
>  occupation forces as a member of the government is what is bad. 
>  Together with being guilty of putting to death most polish
>  ("allied"!) pre-war officers and quenching peaceful protests in a way
>  that makes Tianan-men look like a picnic [Pozna? 1956, Warsaw 1956].

Look a little further back and you find much worse.  What the Soviets
did during the Warsaw Uprising was appalling (unrelated to the Warsaw
Ghetto Uprising, btw).  News of it has only recently begun to leak out.

>  [3]. I do consider "african american" to be offensive, and never use
>  that handle.

Be proud of your heritage, but don't expect me to notice your race.  I
recognize individuals.  Thanks for your post.  Gahd, I love Debian!

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