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Re: I am ashamed to be a Debian user.

On Friday 16 June 2006 03:12, GNAA Jmax wrote:
> I shall not tolerate this, and will be
> considering legal action against the Debian group under the equal rights
> act of 1964.

That would be a U.S. law?  Please do that, so perhpas some more people can 
be convinced that having the most important Debian assets covered under 
U.S. laws is a bad idea, and things like ftp-master etc. would perhaps 
better be hosted in some other country.

(Yes, I'm half-joking.  But I just don't the sort of silly law action à la 
whowasit vs. FSF or that person vs. Groklaw and 200 John Doe's in most of 

-- vbi

Die Umwelt nimmt die Gestalt des Herzens an. Dem Mürrischen antwortet
die Welt mürrisch oder überhaupt nicht.
		-- Josef Magnus Weber

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