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Re: dak changes (names, version control, mail headers)

"Joe Smith" <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> wrote in message [🔎] e6hti8$leu$1@sea.gmane.org">news:[🔎] e6hti8$leu$1@sea.gmane.org...

"James Troup" <james@nocrew.org> wrote in message news:87r71vsq8t.fsf@pasta.gloaming.local...

I've just updated ftp-master.debian.org to use a new version of dak
which no longer uses the silly names at all.

You killed katie, jennifer, et al.?
Poor britney will feel so alone!

News Flash!
My sources indicate that the loss of her friends has made britney very depressessed, and nearly suicidal.

Britney is clearly one of our most important *virtual* women (not to comment on our physical ones), so we must avoid this if at all possible. I implore all DD's to rename some important scripts in your home directory to use human names (preferably female) to help britney overcome this shock!

Now there are few scripts with human names left.

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