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Re: looking for someone?

Sorry I prefer a women who isn't so keen on placing random letters
in her words. Apparently they are rubbish in bed.
I mean  what the hell is a "pcicturea," something from the
Anne-summers Jurassic collection?


On 4/27/06, Mitch <ywdgvtolkxpwr@netcabo.pt> wrote:
> Hi there locvely,
> aThis kind aof opportucnity comes ones in a life. I don't want
> to miss it. Do you? I am coming to your place in few days
> and I thoughc may be we can meet each other. If cyou don't mind
> I can send you my pcicturea. I am a girl.
> You can bcorrespond with me using my email cpael@popmailme.com

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