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Re: etch before vista

Sylvain Sauvage <Sylvain.Sauvage@metanoesis.net> writes:

> If it would, etch should have been released by now. As it isn't the case,
> that means, either:
> 1. we won't have the technology (sad);
> 2. or noboby will use it to go back in time to release Etch earlier.

Ah, or time is not correctly modeled by a single coordinate.

> Maybe that, if someone in the future is to have the technology, they
> will use it to get future Debian releases earlier (that is: in our 
> future) instead of making old ones released earlier in their past (which
> is near our present).
> So, I propose the name of the next release to be: headache.

Quite a good suggestion.  But to implement it, we would have to go
back in time and change the movie Toy Story to include a character of
that name.


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