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Re: Abwesenheitsnotiz: BOFH excuse

On Thursday 08 September 2005 19.00, Dominik Bay wrote:
> *roar* Vacation and "I will never return" messages suck.
> Can the list-admin delete him from the maillinglist?

The vacation notice gave you two email addresses to complain to.  This is 
surprisingly effective, because those are usually people who have *no idea* 
what you are talking about when you complain to them, so you can really 
vent your frustration by escalating the offending mail to a shouting 


-- vbi

> On Thursday 08 September 2005 18:53, Klein, Thorsten, GWV Fachverlage
> ("Klein,
> Thorsten, GWV Fachverlage" <Thorsten.Klein@gwv-fachverlage.de>) wrote:
> > Ich bin z. Z. nicht im Büro und komme auch nicht mehr wieder.
> >
> > Da Ihre Mail nicht weitergeleitet wird, wenden Sie sich in dringenden
> > und allen anderen Fällen an R. Schmitz
> > (robert.schmitz@gwv-fachverlage.de) oder A. Bäthe
> > (andy.baethe@gwv-fachverlage.de).
> >
> > Vielen Dank.
> >
> > Thorsten Klein
> Thanks.

Watson's Law:
	The reliability of machinery is inversely proportional to the
	number and significance of any persons watching it.

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