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Re: All programmers are crazy, junkies and criminals

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
* Tobias Klauser <tklauser@access.unizh.ch> [050628 18:27]:

Yes, I know, list language is english, but I just can't fight my urge to pass this on... :-)

Published in the Tagesanzeiger (Zürich, Switzerland), 20050627.

Care to tell the page for those of us who own this newspaper? ;-)

For those of us, who aren't subscribed to this  important newspaper:
The specific article has made it to Dr. No:


Yours sincerely,

Hi all,

felt like translating it, this is hilarious. Seems to be a letter to the editor as a reaction to an article by a forensic psychiatrist M. Kiesewetter under the title "The offender turns himself into a judge" (there's no indication what the article was about).

I am translating "Informatiker" as "computer scientist/programmer". In German "Informatiker" can be programmers too, among other things. It is a generic name for people who have gone to a college or university and learned IT stuff, and my dictionary has the first term. Here goes:

"Many computer scientists/programmers are perpetrators; they have, e.g., committed sexual offenses or are responsible for bloody deeds in their own family. It is my opinion that their brains got out of control in IT. Everyone knows computer scientists/programmers scientists are utilizing coce. This enhances their fantasy, and they can program more efficiently and creatively. Therefore it is no miracle when people who can access every day and night everything the world has to offer on the internet blow their fantasy-fuses. I am convinced we need state control for computer scientists/programmers so that possible perpetratorships [sic] can be nicked early enough."

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