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All programmers are crazy, junkies and criminals


Yes, I know, list language is english, but I just can't fight my urge to 
pass this on... :-)

Published in the Tagesanzeiger (Zürich, Switzerland), 20050627.

Rough translation:

    Many programmers are criminals - they are, for example, guilty of secual
    crime or are responsible for violence in their own families.  In my
    opinion their brains went out of control in their job.  It is well-known
    that programmers use coke.  It enhances their imagination and they can
    program more efficiently and more creatively.  No wonder if people who
    have access to everything that is on offer on the Internet all day long
    lose control over their imagination.  I am convinced that a supervision
    body for programmers is needed to disable potential criminals early on.
Sorry about that.  Back to work now.

-- vbi

to debug such lockups in the future you can do:
NOTE: dont use the keyboard in this mode for too long, it can lock up.
        -- Ingo Molnar, lkml

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