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Re: Debian-based gadget: Nokia 770

Pasi Savolainen <psavo@iki.fi> writes:

> * Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <ajk@debian.org>:
>> On 20050525T190152+0200, Martin Dickopp wrote:
>>> Just in case not everybody is aware of it anyway: Nokia is one of the
>>> very few European companies in favor of software patents in the EU.
>>> In fact, Nokia has done a lot of lobbying for software patents in
>>> Brussels.  You might want to take that into account when deciding
>>> whether to buy from Nokia or a different vendor.
>> Nokia has no official position; some people inside Nokia do, and there
>> are people in both camps inside Nokia.
> This may be of interest:
> http://press.nokia.com/PR/200505/995845_5.html

Indeed.  Even though it doesn't contain an official position, it not only
confirms Nokia's software patent friendly inofficial position, but it
also makes it clear that Nokia believes to hold patents pertaining to the
Linux kernel.


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