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Re: Debian Logo on an italian amateur bicycle racing team

* Marco Presi <zufus@debian.org> [050208 02:11]:

>    I have a couple of friends (one of them is involved in GIS/GRASS
>    developer and other Free Software projects) which are members of an
>    italian amateur bicycle racing team[1].
>    Several people of team are Free Software enthusiasts, and between
>    them there are also Debian users.
>    They asked me if they could define their bicycle team as "Debian
>    Powered" and print Debian logo on their T-Shirts. They are a
>    non-profit team and I guess they will use those T-Shirt only for
>    bicycling, NOT for sell,  so.. I don't see reasons against this.

Cool idea!  May I suggest to arrive as last to the finish and be rock
solid in the sattle when they arrive?

Yours sincerely,


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